Terminal not turning on

Why is my smart terminal not turning on?

When your smart terminal isn't turning on, check the battery and charge levels

Often when a smart terminal doesn't turn on, it's because there's an issue with the battery. 
  1. Ensure the battery is completely seated in the back of the device and the battery cover is fully closed.
  2. Ensure the device is charged to at least 30%. The smart terminal may not function properly at a lower charge.


Smart Keypad (SP30)

If you're using the SP30, plug the device into the A80 Smart Keypad, and it will automatically turn on.


This article applies to the following smart terminals:

  • Smart Terminal Mini (A60)
  • Smart Terminal Mini (A77)
  • Smart Keypad (A80) and Smart Keypad Plus (A80 and SP30)
  • Smart POS+ (E700)
  • Smart Terminal (A920)
  • Smart Flex (E600)