Equipment isn't charging

Why is my smart terminal not charging?

  1. Ensure the cable and adapter is firmly plugged into the wall and the device.
  2. Make sure the charging outlet is functioning.
  3. Confirm that the cable is charging properly by plugging the cable into another charging outlet, such as a computer USB port.
  4. Ensure the device is charged over 30% for all functions to work as intended.
    It's recommended to use the sleep mode overnight to increase battery life and performance, instead of shutting down the device.

This article applies to the following smart terminals:

  • Smart Terminal Mini (A60)
  • Smart Terminal Mini (A77)
  • Smart Keypad (A80) and Smart Keypad Plus (A80 and SP30)
  • Smart POS+ (E700)
  • Smart Terminal (A920)
  • Smart Flex (E600)