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First Data troubleshooting questions

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This article was validated: September 13, 2023

First Data point-of-sale machines have an emphasis on security. This article has the most common questions we get asked about First Data devices.

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Why is my card type not supported?

If you encounter an error message like "card not supported" on your specific First Data credit card machine, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue. First, try using the credit or debit card again by tapping, swiping, or dipping it. If that doesn't work, you can manually enter the card number instead. 

Why does my chip read fail on credit and debit cards?

If you encounter a chip error while using your credit card machine, it means that the machine was unable to read the chip on your card. This could be because the chip is dirty or damaged. In most cases, a dirty chip is the culprit. To resolve the issue, try cleaning the chip and then attempt the transaction again.

How do I reload printer paper?

  1. Lift the hatch to open the printer cover.
  2. Drop the paper into the printer with the end feeding down from the bottom of the roll.
  3. With the end of the paper sticking out, close the lid on the paper.

What does security alert EPP tampered mean on my First Data device?

Simple troubleshooting when this security alert appears will not work. We suggest looking to replace your device right away.

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