Smart Terminal Mini (A77)

About the Smart Terminal Mini (A77)

Smart_terminal_mini_A77The Payanywhere Smart Terminal Mini is a compact and portable smart payment system that utilizes the advanced features of the Payanywhere app. With its user-friendly touchscreen, this handheld credit card reader allows you to easily accept various types of payments, including EMV chip cards and NFC contactless payments like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. It's the perfect solution for a range of businesses such as salons, pay-at-the-table restaurants, coffee shops, and delivery services.

The Smart Terminal Mini (A77) is the latest version and an improvement over the previous Smart Terminal Mini (A60) equipment. It’s now offered as a free upgrade for existing customers!

Introducing the Smart Terminal Mini

Payment types

  • EMV chip cards
  • Contactless payment
  • Magstripe credit cards
  • PIN debit payments
  • EBT and SNAP payments


  • 5.5" color touch screen
  • Built-in laser barcode scanner
  • 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Preloaded with the Payanywhere app
  • PCI compliant
  • Edge plan
  • Tip prompt
  • Eco-friendly

What's included

  • Smart Terminal Mini portable credit card reader
  • Power adapter and charging cord