Clover troubleshooting

Clover troubleshooting

Having trouble with your Clover device? Sekure Payment Experts can help

This article was validated: August 29, 2023

Clover point of sale solutions come with only the basics built in. To customize your solution you will need to mix and match devices to meet the needs of your business. 

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My screen is frozen and it won’t turn on

If your Clover device has a frozen screen, it may be a sign that it needs to be rebooted. To reboot your Clover device, follow these steps: 

  1. Unplug your Clover Mini from its power outlet. 
  2. Wait for a few seconds. 
  3. Plug your Clover Mini back into the power outlet. This should restart your Clover Mini and resolve any issues with the frozen screen.

How to reset the Clover device

To initiate a factory reset, begin by accessing the rear door of the device where the paper roll is and remove the roll. Locate the green button positioned on the right-hand side. Press and hold the button for 15 seconds to reset the device.

How do I use modifiers?

Modifiers allow you to add variations or adjustments to your base products, offering customers an array of options to suit their preferences. For example, a basic cup of coffee can have modifiers like flavors (vanilla, mocha, or caramel) or cup sizes (small, medium, or large). 

How to add/modify a menu item

In the inventory tab, you have the ability to perform various actions related to your inventory. You can easily add new items, efficiently manage existing ones, and effectively organize them into categories. 

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