Slow equipment

Why is my smart terminal slow?

The PAX terminal may slow down if it's not running the latest software or is running low on power

We recommend keeping your device on and avoid powering off to allow for increased stability and performance over time.

If the Payanywhere app was left open overnight, we recommend charging and restarting, or force stopping the terminal to avoid any transaction and speed issues.

The terminal must be above 30% battery life for all functions to work properly.

When in the Payanywhere app, the blue LED light in the terminal's EMV slot is on. Leaving the app open will drain the battery and may cause your device to stop functioning as expected.

Tip: Save terminal battery life by putting your machine to sleep at the end of the day.

To put your machine into sleep mode:

  1. Close the Payanywhere app by tapping the home icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the power button to have your machine sleep. 

This article applies to the following smart terminals:

  • Smart Terminal Mini (A60)
  • Smart Terminal Mini (A77)
  • Smart Keypad (A80) and Smart Keypad Plus (A80 and SP30)

  • Smart POS+ (E700)
  • Smart Terminal (A920)
  • Smart Flex (E600)