How do I care for the printer on my device?
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How do I order the paper rolls or other supplies?

To order additional paper, login to Payments Hub and visit the hardware and supplies section

It's always a good idea to have a spare roll of paper nearby to avoid any last-minute stress. If you need to purchase more paper, you can easily find it in Payments Hub under shop hardware.
  1. From your main dashboard, click the hardware and supplies icon.
  2. Select the supplies you would like to order and click "add to order."
  3. Click the + symbol to add the desired number of rolls.
  4. You will also see how many free rolls you have remaining for the quarter.
  5. Select "order summary" to review your order, then select checkout.
  6. To place an order, select "place order". If a payment is required, the fee will be debited from the bank account on file.

This article applies to the following smart terminals:

  • Smart Terminal Mini (A60)
  • Smart Terminal Mini (A77)
  • Smart Keypad (A80) and Smart Keypad Plus (A80 and SP30)
  • Smart POS+ (E700)
  • Smart Terminal (A920)
  • Smart Flex (E600)