How do I obtain my API login ID and transaction key?

To obtain the API login ID and transaction key:

  1. Log into the merchant interface.
  2. Select "account" from the main toolbar.
  3. Click "settings" in the main left-side menu.
  4. Click "API credentials and keys."
  5. Click "new transaction key." When requesting a new transaction key, you may choose to turn off the old transaction key by clicking the box titled "disable old transaction key immediately."
  6. Click "submit" to continue.
  7. Request and enter PIN for verification.
  8. Your new transaction key will be displayed.

If the 'disable old transaction key immediately' box isn't checked, the old transaction key will automatically expire in 24 hours. When the box is checked, the transaction key will expire immediately.

Be sure to store the transaction key in a very safe place. Don't share it with anyone,  as it's used to protect your transactions.

The system-generated transaction key is similar to a password and is used to authenticate requests submitted to the gateway. The request will be rejected if a request cannot be authenticated using the transaction key. You may generate a new transaction key as often as needed.