How to force stop the terminal?

How do I force stop a smart terminal?

If your smart terminal has frozen or becomes stuck on processing, you may need to force stop your terminal

To force stop your terminal:

  1. Open the device settings
  2. Find and tap on apps.
  3. Locate and tap on the Payanywhere app.
  4. Tap force stop, then tap ok.
  5. Tap clear data and tap ok. This will not erase any of your Payanywhere data.
  6. Reboot the terminal and log into the Payanywhere app.

This article applies to the following smart terminals:

  • Smart Terminal Mini (A60)
  • Smart Terminal Mini (A77)
  • Smart Keypad (A80)  and Smart Keypad Plus (A80 and SP30)
  • Smart POS+ (E700)
  • Smart Terminal (A920)
  • Smart Flex (E600)